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How to Enjoy My Erotic Audio Mp3s

If you haven't heard one of My 700 Erotic Audios, you're missing a real treat! Each one features My sexy, head-soothing voice in a story or vignette -- 20 minutes on average ... which covers every Femdom fantasy imaginable.

To purchase, you'll need a Niteflirt account, which is free at There, you can add money to a bank from which you'll withdraw the price of each Audio. You can make deposits with a major credit card, or with a GreenDot card which is available at most grocery, department and drug stores.

Purchases can ONLY be made from desktop or laptop computers! Cell phones do not have the capacity to access My products. Phones with Internet access don't have enough capacity.

Once you purchase an Mp3, you'll open a Niteflirt Pay-to-View e-mail that lists some basic access instructions. From there, you can retrieve My Audios in one of three ways:

From an actual Mp3. The vast majority of My Audios have Mp3 attachments on their Pay-to-View e-mails. From there, just download it to your desktop. NOTE: Some of My longer Audios are too long (with too much bandwidth) to be included as attachments. So you'll need to use the second option:

Directly from the Internet: Each Audio has its own Web address at the top of its Pay-to-View e-mail. Once you enter it, you should see an access box. There, you'll type in the Username & Password that's listed in the e-mail. The Audio should then load up in your media player (Real Player, etc.), where you'll probably have to log in again. You'll be able access your Audios 24/7, since they're always on line with My HUGE dedicated server! If you wish to save them, just right click on your PC or Mac and follow the instructions.

Third Party "Fail" Transfer: Try this if the first two methods fail. First, you'll need to send Me a regular e-mail outside of Niteflirt (at My contact addresses on this site). Once you hear from Me, you'll need to go to the site to complete your transaction. This is a free service for both Me & My customers. Remember, services such as Yahoo and Gmail reject large attachments such as Mine.

The above three access methods work for 99.999 percent of My happy, satisfied customers. I have sold thousands of Audios the over the years, and most buyers have encountered no problems. But technology is not perfect and there always exceptions.

If an Audio cuts off, or it's not as long as advertised, you may have a problem with your Temporary Internet Files. Your regular PC maintenance should avoid these instances. In other words, remove Temporary Internet Files and defragment your computer on a regular basis ... things you should do anyway. If you've cleaned up your computer and you still have a problem, contact Me.

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