If kneeling to your Female Boss is your favorite work duty ... If showering cash on your ex-Wife, or any Woman, gets your cock to jump ... If you dream of kissing a Lady's Ass for dessert ... if you admire how shiny your Woman looks after She fucks a bigger cock ... then you are in the right place!
I am Mistress Alexandra, and My ultimate goal is to OWN a subordinate male like you. You may not tell your bar buddy ... but deep down, you want this!  Women have lured men since the beginning of time.  And today, we Goddesses screw guys better than ever -- because you want it more than ever!  Why else would you let a Woman get promoted over you at work -- or dream about a giant cock fucking your Wife?  Why else do I have happy slaves who spend thousands and thousands of dollars on Me? Because it makes their dicks go into a frenzy, that's why!
You may have heard a number of My Erotic Mp3s, where the sexiest parts of My life are on display for you, 24/7.  Ever since little school boys lined up to do My homework, I have learned to use My Womanly intelligence and extreme Feminine beauty to make guys crazy - just the way they like it!  If you're familiar with My Mp3s, thank you and welcome back.  If not, get ready for one of the greatest thrills of your life!!!
Browse through all of My free material here. You'll find stories, descriptions of the Femdom life, and directories of My hundreds of Erotic Mp3s. They're 15-30 minute vignettes, some longer. The difference between Me and other Dominatrixes is that I've had these experiences for REAL ... and the proof is My amazing, sultry voice which I put on full display for you.  
My small-cocked husband works out of town, so he lets Me fuck giant cocks any time I want!  And when he comes home, I'll often make My cuckold hubby serve Me and My Lover -- fetching us drinks, getting our bed ready, and sometimes watching us fuck. The smell of My sex can be enough for hubby to go wild, and beg Me to fuck My Lover all night in our marital bed. From this experience, you'll find dozens of cuckold stories.  Among the most popular is "Consummating the Wedding," when another man fills My pussy over and over on My wedding night!
Cuckolding is among the ultimate forms of Female Domination that My Mp3s explore. But if a guy likes one form of Femdom, he'll want others ... and it has made Me an expert in things like Ass Worship, Orgasm Denial, and especially Mind Control. Your most sexual organ is your mind -- and one of My greatest talents is to hypnotize My slaves by seizing their thoughts and dreams ... so their masturbating can be free to think ONLY of Me. Nothing else.
Explore My audio list from this page, and you'll see dozens of My Hypnotic Mp3s -- among the most popular are "Alexandra's Web," "Dare to be Hypnotized," "Hypno Tease." You'll find a nice selection of stories, mini-Femdom sessions, and other vignettes in almost two dozen categories of Female Domination.  No matter what your favorite, you'll find something you'll love.
Most recently, guys are into "Gooning" -- in which I help them masturbate to the brink of orgasm -- and then everything freezes.  Lots of guys enjoy this as a stepping stone to MY controlling their orgasms. Once that happens, their sex lives are better than they could ever imagine.
My Mp3s are more economical than you'll find elsewhere. And as in the past, Niteflirt is the form of payment. If you don't have a Niteflirt account, start one for free at You'll put money in your own account there, which you'll use to buy My voice and sexual charms, any time you want them!  

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