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The Joy of a Willing, Hypnotized slave Pt 2

23 Jun 2017

Both Mistress & slave benefit

Once I get even the smallest foothold into a man's mind, it's astounding to see what I can do to him and for him! I provide what their Ladies won't, in two ways: through direct telephone contact, and through their purchases of My nearly 750 erotic mp3 Audios.

Either way, the man must decide which of the many Femdom areas he needs Me to address. Although I'm the Dominant person in the relationship, I cannot read his mind! He must tell Me how I can best exploit him. Then, I can use his talents, resources, finances, etc. to My advantage and as he desires.

Often, a man who is too shy to speak with Me will buy some of My Audios. Through My stories and My hypnotic spells, it will become more natural to toss aside some of his manly wants. As a result, he learns to properly live under a Woman's Superior whims.

Once that's established, I would hope he calls Me for direct Mistress-to-slave Domination. Both of us benefit when I exploit him in the exact way he has dreamed about. For some men, the desire of sucking a Woman's toes wearing panties and nail polish or devoting his life to the Superior She has been trapped inside their heads for years! For them, it's well worth it to pay Me, so I can provide an outlet for their precious feelings.

And during our sessions, I find that a man who has one subservient need often has others! I've learned that a toe-sucker also wants to be My errand boy give Me thousands of dollars, so I can live in a way he never could and/or arrange to have a Stud Lover fuck his Wife, so I can improve Her life and remove his guilt of being enslaven to Me.

After awhile, they all become related. The slave discovers how one area of Domination fits into another. They eventually form a beautiful circle in which he can never escape Me. And he never wants to.

So why the need to hypnotize?

Every act of slavery makes the man's cock tingle more and more. But if he were to cum every time, I wouldn't control him for long. That's where Erotic Hypnosis really comes in! I have recorded several dozen Audios that deal with a host of Dominant/slave desires. And they all lead to the same direction the mandate for ME to control his cock and his orgasms!

Some Mistresses stress constant orgasm denial. But I realize it will take time to train him to be entirely denied so at times I will grant him an orgasm However, he must please Me first! And because the world is so male-oriented, he is required to fall under My carefully-developed spells.

Of course, it will only happen if he desires it. I cannot force a man to go against his general wishes. And as a caring human being, I wouldn't want that. Still, I strive to challenge a man to do what he otherwise wouldn't do, in order to achieve his dreams to reach beyond his grasp, if you will.

When a Goddess controls a man's cock, She controls all of him. She owns him. And that's what My best slaves have wanted for many, many years even if they didn't really know it.

It is true! I have proof. Some slaves say the way I control their cocks is the best sexual thing that's ever happened to them. In fact, a few guys claim they have stopped fucking their Wives, because My Domination is that much better! I am not so sure if that's wise, but I have encouraged it in a couple cases.

One of My slaves has developed various health issuess, and it has become difficult for him to please his Wife. Meanwhile, She has almost lost interest in sex. That is a shame, and Her husband knows it. He has dreamed for years about being a cuckold to Her and a Hot Lover. If there could be a way to preserve his family, I'd love to help set up the arrangement. Once She expresses a hint of interest, I just may help the husband create a beautiful lifestyle that's perfect for them.

What I require

While I never expect a man to shed his family or career to become enslaven under Me, I do make one unconditional demand. For the time we are together, they must push all their other thoughts aside, and focus 100-percent on serving ME!

It really does take twoť to make a relationship. And it's mandatory that the slave fully and completely focus on Me whether it is during a phone conversation, listening to My Audios, e-mailing Me, etc.

As part of his slave training, I also urge him to think constantly of Me, 24/7. Yes, these men have family and work obligations. But when I âm on a slave's mind from the morning he rises until the time he falls asleep, a couple of interesting things happen.

He becomes a better employee. He does more at home for his Wife and family. He finds that the lessons I teach make him a better man, who is more desirous to create a real Woman's World.

And at the same time, I'm the one pulling his strings. I never leave his mind, even in his most intimate moments with his Wife. And while he may appear to be the devoted family man, his true need is to cater to My desires, whims, and commands. Because he knows the truth:

It is All About Me!

Mistress Alexandra is an experienced Erotic Hypnotist and Dominant Goddess whose husband actually lets Her date more endowed Stud Lovers. She will detail various areas of Femdom and Erotic Hypnosis in future columns.