Good boy ... I like that you've chosen MY website to lurk, jerk, and find the Female Domination that your cock wants and needs.  
But like everything, there's a price. As a good slave, you know that. You realize that you OWE Me and you always will.  So let Me help you find the "Way to Pay!"
To put it simply: If you wanna keep reveling in My beauty, You MUST help ... and that means paying Me, as you expect nothing in return except the pleasure that only a Goddess like Me can give you. 
So let's get you started.  Click on one of My Payment Icons ... $5, $15, $25. The money will come from your Niteflirt account (which you set up free at  The more you revel in My charms, the more you'll naturally want to help Me as I fulfill your deepest Femdom fantasies.  
As you grow in your love and loyalty to your Goddess, you'll naturally want to do more.  We can discuss that when the time cums ... um, comes.
For now, just know this:  This is not an expense.  This is an investment in your sexual health, which is so important to your well being.  
Pay Me so you can Enjoy Me ~ Mistress Alexandra




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