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You may have never heard the word "cuckold," but you probably know what it is. Simply put, a cuckold stays loyal to his Wife or Girlfriend, while She can date and fuck as many men as She desires. If you're the "guy at home," it may sound demeaning, even depressing. But believe Me, it does not have to be that way.
I have an insatiable appetite for sex, just like the vast majority of Women. And you'll love exploring that with Me -- both in My amazing Mp3 stories that sound so real when you hear My sultry voice, and My LIVE phone sex sessions.  
The truth is that most men do not have cocks that are long or thick enough to satisfy most Women. Fortunately, I have a husband who often travels on business -- and he accepts that I'll jump into bed with handsome, better-endowed Lovers while he's gone. When he's home, he must deal with the humiliation of love notes that My guys leave; the smell and the dried cum of our sex where he sleeps; empty drink glasses and scraps from My Lovers' favorite foods; plus used condoms, cards, flowers, etc.
But there are so many positives. Thousands of small dicks have found new and magical love lives by being good domestic partners -- cooking, cleaning, and dressing their Ladies for their dates in gorgeous outfits these Women would never wear for their homeboys. Many cuckolds serve their Ladies and Lovers so they never have to get out of bed for a night, a weekend, or longer -- and when they watch, they get to smell some of the most beautiful sex ever! Or, a good cuck will take a week of vacation to jerk off endlessly while their Wives go off with their Lovers ... and the homeboys are blind to the kisses, embraces, and wild fucking that happens when one's surroundings become turn-ons all by themselves.
And you still have sex -- and not just with your hand. The best cuckolds wait like pets for their Wives to get home from their dates, so they can dine on Hers and Her Lovers' juices. And watching your Lady is much better than almost anything. If you're a good cuckold, your heart will melt the first time you see Her kissing Her Lover, caressing him, holding hands, etc.
What You Need
If you're still reading this, you're probably eager to show your Wife or Girlfriend that you love Her by making sure that a Lover and his slow, giant, rhythmatic cock can excite every nerve in Her body as they rock back and forth. Here's how I can help you:
*  I offer dozens of audio vignettes, 15-30 minutes each, as My voice makes your emotions and desires as vivid as reality. Check out My variety of titles in the Cuckold section, and all of My categories to the left.
*  You can explore any aspect of this intense, beautiful lifestyle with My live phone sessions. More details are at the bottom of this page.
*  On this site, you'll also find written stories that explore the mind-altering, cock-teasing world of cuckolding -- plus photos of Me that will make your body shiver. The words are so detailed and vivid, you'll be able to envision your own Wife, GF, Stud Lover(s), and others who will make your cuckold experience better than you could ever imagine.
*  You will need a free membership in Niteflirt, in which I accept payment for this very sexual service. You'll be able to build up an account for payments, and buy all of My cock-pleasing offerings!  
You Will Be Mine
As your "Cuckold Tour Guide," you'll naturally want to keep hearing more and more from Me, as I keep showing you new ways to keep your relationship alive while keeping your own cock and cum eating tongue very interested.  I have the resources and the intelligence you need for this. But most of all, I will show you that you don't need to leave your Lady when She starts fucking a boyfriend ... It will create a whole new love for you and Her. Cuckold relationships offer the greatest "highs" and the lowest "lows" -- but you'll find they are so worth it!!!
Learn More
Leisurely explore details of My golden cuckold audios from the home page. Look for the left side hearing "Audio Products," and select "Cuckold" from the "Mp3 Categories" grouping. When you need My phone sex service, look for the "Call Now" icon, and you'll reach me through Niteflirt. 

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Feel free to check out my Niteflirt profile and you may get lucky enough to catch me in time for a live call! 

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